Welcome to SIMAP.

SIMAP is a database containing the similarity space formed by about all amino-acid sequences from public databases and completely sequenced genomes.

You may find sequences and protein entries of interest by fulltext search which uses an index of proteins IDs, accession numbers and descriptions, and the Biothesaurus.
Starting from your query sequence you may find the nearest sequences in SIMAP. By searching parts of your query in a suffix array of all SIMAP sequences (generated by VMATCH), this search runs much faster than BLAST.


  • 2015, Feb 5: Final release of SIMAP including upgrade to InterPro 49.0
    The new and final release of SIMAP 1 is now online. All pre-calculated features have been upgraded to InterPro 49.0. This version of SIMAP including all tools and downloads will not updated any longer. However, we will keep the SIMAP data online as long as scientifically needed and useful. Please check http://cube.univie.ac.at/resources/simap for information about the new SIMAP 2.